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Amethyst Inn

Victoria, BC, Canada

Amethyst Inn – Awards & Comments


Amethyst Inn B & B Victoria Heritage Awards:

The Amethyst At Regents Park is a heritage jewel and was the first private residence to receive Heritage Designation in the Province of British Columbia. In 2000, the Amethyst was presented with three major awards for the Heritage Preservation of Amethyst at Regents Park and to date are the only recipients of the Louis Award, the most prestigious Heritage Award that the Hallmark Society bestows.

Canada Select: 5 Star
“Luxurious properties. Among the very best in the country in terms of their outstanding facilities, guest services, and quality provided. The majority of Canada Select Properties are in the 2 to 3 star range. There are only a handful of 5 star accommodations properties in all of Canada.”

Media Articles


An original 1885 property of the residential Rockland area, surrounded by period mansions and beautiful gardens, this startling new lodging is within walking distance of many attractions. Guests become immediately mesmerized by all that they see around them.”


“This beautiful new BC bed & breakfast was originally the home of a 19th-century newspaper magnate and was recently restored with perfection in every detail. Each room is a delight and the hosts have spared no expense in each individual design.”


“The Amethyst is a perfect place for a romantic getaway and young people elope for honeymoon.”


“With its public gardens, double-decker buses and afternoon teas, Victoria, BC, Canada, seems like the quintessential city. Where to stay: At the british columbia inn, Amethyst b&b”.


“Amethyst at Regents Park, a lovely restored Mansion that has been converted to a B&B in BC, Canada. The Accommodation is in a residential neighborhood a five-minute drive from the city center, near seaside Beacon Hill Park.”


“Amethyst at Regents Park was a dramatization of another place and time. Full of antiques, it is a giant, opulent house-with 16 suites lodging-that looks like it belongs on top of a majestic hill.


“In keeping with its architecture, English gardens light opera and high teas, is the newest of the gracious old mansions – Amethyst . The three – story house has 16 suites, each distinctively decorated with antique furniture and en suite bathroom.”


“An 1885 accommodation, a venue so romantic, couples frequently wed in the home’s front parlour. The 16 high-ceilinged rooms and suites boast four-poster beds, fireplaces, jacuzzis and hydrotherapy spa-tubs-for-two.”
Amethyst has new features that will make your dream vacation even more fabulous! Come check out our new phone system installed in every room to add to your convenience. Hunted down through tedious hours on the computer, we are able to bring to your hand painted porcelain phones. However, these are not just any telephones, they are vintage phones that help contribute to the Victorian theme of the B&B.

In addition, we have updated our B&B rooms with televisions! No more having to leave at night to the pub in order to catch the rerun of that hockey game. These wide screen LCD televisions with cable up to 60 channels can being you the entertainment you just “could not miss”. It doesn’t stop there! With the televisions we have DVD players and an extensive and new DVD library. We have movies ranging from Gone With the Wind to the newest, The Messenger. There isn’t anything on TV that interests you? Not a problem, just head down into our parlour to pick out a movie of your favourite genre.

You’ve probably been warned by neighbours and families about car theft and car break-ins in Victoria. As of January, our security gate with keypad and passwords will put your worries to rest. The password is changed monthly and only our current guests know how to get in. There is also coming a new eagle eye, motion sensor camera system which allows us to see who is coming in and out so you can park your belongings knowing they will be safe. If a siren rings in the distance, rest assure it is just that – the alarm is not yours but far, FAR away.

Other amenities already at the inn include: wireless internet access throughout the whole house as well as a computer for those who choose not to bring their laptops.