Victoria Parliament Buildings

Victoria Parliament BuildingsThe Victoria Parliament Buildings also known as BC Government Parliament Buildings are located in city of Victoria. These buildings are spread over 12 and half ½ acres (5 hectares) on a street across Inner Harbor of Victoria.

Going in the history Government buildings (presently Parliament Buildings) were originally constructed between 1859 and 1864 and were called as Birdcages. When it was decided to reconstruct the parliament buildings these buildings were converted into new buildings that provided a new look.

Victoria Parliament Buildings were built in 1893 by architect Francis Rattenbury. The architect was just 25 years of age when he created these buildings. The Parliament Buildings were constructed in the honor of Queen Victoria when she celebrated her diamond jubilee. It took about more than 12 years period to construct these buildings. The Parliament Buildings were completed in 1915. The delay in completion of buildings was due to various controversies and arguments about construction of buildings. As a result of this delay the construction cost ballooned to just below $1 Million whereas the original budgeted cost was only $600,000.

The architect and his assistants emphasized on use of locally available materials in construction of buildings. It has more importance during those days as the support to local businesses to ensure economical development of the province was more important. The Parliament Buildings houses both Provincial Parliament of British Columbia and Provincial Legislation. These buildings are used by Provincial Legislation to debate various methods of improving the lagging economy. Granite rock used for building foundations was acquired from Nelson Island, which is nearby. Bricks, Douglas Fir and lime used in the construction were brought from local market of Vancouver Island. Site facades were brought from Haddington Island.

Victoria Parliament Buildings also called as British Columbia Government Buildings are used for local as well provincial administration. Legislation assemblies are held in these Parliament Buildings. The Provincial Government of British Columbia assembles in these buildings to make various decisions and laws that regulate the administration in the province. You can experience pleasing sight of moored marina sailboats, yachts and numerous pedestrians and artists browsing the Inner Harbor. The Parliament Buildings gains more attractive look during nights when these buildings are flashed with more than 3,300 bulbs. Viewing the Inner Harbor from these Parliament Buildings, especially during night is a never forgetting experience. If you visit Canada in general and Victoria in particular you must visit these buildings.

When to visit Parliament Buildings
Victoria Parliament Buildings remains open from Monday to Friday. The visiting timings are between 8.30 am and 4.30pm. There are half-hourly tours available for visiting these buildings, specifically during summer months. Most of the Victoria tour packages include Parliament Buildings as one of their destinations. Language is not a hurdle in visiting the Parliament Buildings as you have translation facilities available in German, Cantonese, Mandarin and French languages. Visit these buildings and experience the beauty of yesteryear architecture.

Picture by keepitsurreal