Victoria Bug Zoo

The Victoria Bug Zoo is located at Wharf Street in Victoria downtown. Beverage and food facilities are within the close vicinity of zoo. It is situated across an Inner Harbor street. Entrance of the zoo presents an artistic look. Distinguish design of the street entrance is a pleasant sight. Once inside the zoo, the first come admission area and adjacent to it is a gift shop. You can see and purchase various types of hand-made puppets from this gift shop. Even you can buy puppets made from corduroy. Critter toys available in the shop will surely attract the attention of younger. You will find honey jars with lovely flavors in the shop. You can buy some toys and other articles, if you like it and then move towards the main zoo. Here starts the real adventure.

Victoria Bug Zoo - picture by SonyaSeattleYou have to make payments for the entrance fees and the staff will guide you to the zoo. If you need, you can hire services of guide to get information about the zoo. There are guided tours organized by the zoo. It is better to hire a guide that will help you in gaining more and more information about the various creatures in the zoo. You can even experience the adventure of holding some small and big creatures while making tour of the bug zoo. Usually guides takes you from one bug case to another at times brining out the creatures and allow you to hold them. The guide provides you all information about various creatures displayed in the zoo. He will also teach you regarding proper handling and care techniques of every bug.

Visit to Victoria Bug Zoo will provide you an opportunity to handle experience the adventure of handling various types of bugs. This will also enhance knowledge of your children, and also you, about the various techniques of handling different types of bugs.

Picture by SonyaSeattle.