Royal Theatre Victoria BC

Royal TheatreIn 1913 a private builder constructed a roadhouse and operated the theatre in that roadhouse which is now famous by the name “Royal Theatre of Victoria.

The Royal Theatre has the reputation of conducting numerous stage shows performed by world renowned artists of this century apart from being used as a place of screening cinema between 1917 and 1981. Some to quote are Carlos Montoya, Sarah Bernhardt, Lucinano Pavarotti and Mikhail Baryshnikov.

Considering its historical importance, in 1987 the Royal Theatre was included in the list of sites that have national historic significance. Subsequently in 1990, the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada issued the commemorative plaque to the theatre. The original structure of the theatre was extended in 1991 by extending the existing lobby. The renovation of auditorium, technical up gradation of the theatre equipments and refurbishment of dressing room was done in the year 2002 without making modifications to the original Renaissance Revival Style/Rococo style of the auditorium. Works for exterior renovations, which owned award for the theatre, were completed in the year 2006.

The Royal Theatre is better known by the Canadian people as home for the popular Victoria Symphony Orchestra and Pacific Opera Victoria. The Royal Theatre is also one of the premier venues of attraction for the visitors touring Vancouver Island.

The administration of the Royal Theatre is looked after by the Royal & McPherson Theatres Society. Apart from conducting the stage performances by renowned artists the administration also offers the use of theatre (specifically lobby area of the theatre) on license/rental basis for meetings, receptions, lectures, show related functions and other private functions.

Salient Features of the Royal Theatre
The Royal Theatre has the seating capacity of 1,434 (754 on main floor, 642 in balcony, 24 on loges, 14 in boxes and 10 for wheelchairs.

Holds of Seating

The theatre is proscenium in nature with conventional seating and four aisles. The theatre has a balcony, two side boxes (which are at the balcony level) and six loges. Wheelchair seating is arranged only on the left and right side sections of the main floor.

Usually performances are conducted between 2 pm and 8 pm on Monday to Saturday at the Royal Theatre with an intermission of 15 to 20 minutes.