Royal London Wax Museum

Royal London Wax MuseumThe Royal London Wax Museum was originally established at street level premises of the Crystal Garden, in 1961. During that period Canada’s largest salt water swimming pool was housed by the Crystal Gardens. Initially the museum was founded on 6000 square feet land and about fifty odd wax figures were kept on display. Inception of Royal London Wax Museum gained the reputation of North America’s first exhibition of Tussaud wax figures. This museum has added essence to the reputation and image of the City of Victoria, of course, as a “Little Bit of Olde England”. The Parthenon styled structure of the museum was designed by famous architect of that time, Sir Francis Rattenbury.

A visit of the Royal London Wax Museum will provide you an opportunity to look in the past through various figures and articles preserved by the museum. The museum houses about 300 costumed figures (wax) of various celebrities; both famous and infamous. You can experience the adventure of walking through yesteryears through artifacts, pivotal personages, objects, multi-media exhibitions and scenarios available in the museum. Many can use this museum for enhancing their educational resources.

At start you may feel that your visit to the museum was a wrong decision but as you travel through various halls, especially meant for different types of wax sculptures, and witness the motion picture show in the theatre, you will think you were right. Visiting Royal London Wax Museum will surely turn out to be your treasure of the life. Arguably this is the best wax museum in the world. The music played in the Royal London Wax Museum reflects the creativity. The museum also makes you to experience full-blown scenes which are not that bigger in other museums of similar nature. The detailed discussion on the works displayed in the museum and multimedia show called as “The Last Supper” is a unique feature of the museum.

Wax figures put on display in the various halves and stairways of the Royal London Wax Museum were sculpted specially for the museum. This is evident from the fact that more attention is paid towards written descriptions, through research, death masks, photographs, portraits documentation while creating these figures. All these characteristics reflect in almost all figures displayed in the museum. To make the figures authenticate whenever possible assistance of seamstresses, tailors and dentists was sought for designing these figures.

If you are a teacher you can obtain a copy of ‘Teachers’ Resource Guide from the Royal London Wax Museum. The book is a printed version of all worksheets and thematic tours.

The Royal London Wax Museum remains open as per the following timings:
• 01 Jan to 13 May : 09.30 am to 5 pm
• 14 May to 02 Sep : 09 am to 07.30 pm
• 03 Sep to 31 Dec : 09.30 am to 06 pm