Pacific Under Sea Garden, Victoria B.C.

Pacific Undersea GardensThe Pacific Undersea Gardens is operated and owned by Oak Bay Marine Group is situated in downtown Victoria at Inner Harbor.

The undersea gardens are just like a vessel built on the waters. This garden is built on Inner Harbor waters and measures about 150 feet. You have to walk down stairs which will take you about 15 feet under the sea water. The undersea garden displays the number of marine species. These species are mainly those found in the coastal region of British Columbia. You can see these marine life species from various windows provided around the vessel. The unique feature of this undersea is that you can see the marine species in their natural environment.

Tidal pond in the Undersea Gardens is full of Sea Anemones and Sea Stars. You can even touch these marine animals, of course with certain restrictions. Many visitors enjoy this as a fun as well as an educational experience.

Undersea Theatre which is situated at the end of vessel is another point of attraction in the Pacific Undersea Gardens. You can watch the show from viewing windows provided surrounding aquarium. Actually, if you visit the Undersea Theatre on the scheduled show time you can get guide facility provided by the administration. The guide will receive you and explain you about the different marine life animals in the aquarium. There is another guide – a fully equipped diver- inside the vessel who also gives you important information about the animals. Armstrong (Giant Pacific Octopus) and Wolf Eels are the main attractions of the theatre. Sea Stars, Crabs, Cabezon, Sea Urchins, Lingcod and Sea Anemones are the some of the other important marine life species available in the undersea theatre.

Underwater Theater shows are of 20 minute duration and total duration of the tour of Pacific Undersea Gardens is between 45 minute and hour.

What you can experience in Pacific Undersea Gardens?
Following are some of the salient attractions which you can experience while visiting the Pacific Undersea Gardens.

Tour of Pacific Undersea Gardens will be an educational adventure. Come experience the joy of underwater experience!