Galloping Goose Trail Victoria BC, Canada

galloping-gooseIt was in the year 1893 that rail tracks were laid first time in the Island. The first rail was introduced from Victoria to Sidney. In 1920, Galloping Goose Trail was introduced that run between Victoria and Sooke. It was a gas rail car that was noisy and gawky. The present day Galloping Goose Regional Trail was built on the trestles and raid roads those were abandoned after introduction of the Goose. Galloping Goose Regional trail was the premier trail system that introduced a multi-use hiking trail system which replaced the existing railroad route. The system was adopted with an aim to protect the forests by means of converting the railroad land into gardens. The new trail was named as “The Galloping Goose”.

The Galloping Goose Trail runs along the rural fields and neighborhoods, humping over trestles and bridges, runs through forests, rushing rivers and rocky cliffs, starting from Victoria. It would be more pleasant journey if you travel in the Galloping Goose especially during springs. You can enjoy the view of colorful followers during spring. If you want to experience the falling leaves autumn will be the best time.

The Galloping Goose trail is spread over 60 kilometers towards west Victoria. You can travel through the goose as per your liking. One may choose to explore the goose on bike, foot or horseback to witness the wilderness of the trail. The Galloping Goose trail which starts from Victoria reaches Sooke after making its way through Saanich Community. As your journey starts and you move towards Sooke, you witness thick forests. The Sooke Potholes is the popular place swimmers. You can experience the laziness of trail at Metchosin which is caused due to geographical variations in the trail movement like winding through fields that are surrounded by rolling hills, rocky slopes. After the journey in the Metchosin the Goose enters the creek beds and proceeds further in its westerly journey.

Matheson Lake and Roche Cove Regional Park are the other places of tourist attracting that are within the vicinity of the trail. You have the liberty to enjoy the trail only during day time as you don’t have camping facilities available in the trail. These parks are considered as starting/ending point of your trail tour. You trail tour in Sooke is also not less pleasant. You can see Barrow’s Goldeneve and Buffleheads on the swell. The East Sooke Regional Park hills rise from the water across Sooke Basin. The scenario of The Goose Trail is at its peak at this point.

The Selkirk Trestle is considered as one of the most scenic parts of the trail. This Selkirk Trestle is popular fishing spot during herring season. The waterway at Selkirk Trestle is famous amongst rowers and paddlers as it provides facilities like small sailboats and rowboats.

You will surely like this trail journey, which gives you an opportunity to explore the nature, and preserve the memories for life time.