Craigdarroch Castle

Craigdarroch Castle, VictoriaAbout the Castle
Craigdarroch Castle is a beautiful mansion of Victorian era. The monument was built in 1890s by Robert Dunsmuir, a rich coal baron of British Columbia. Presently the Craigdarroch Castle is owned by Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum Society. The maintenance of castle is done using the funds collected from visitors. An estimated 150,000 visitors visit the castle in year.

Location of the Craigdarroch Castle
Craigdarroch Castle is located at 1050 Joan Crescent, Victoria BC, Canada. You can reach Craigdarroch Castle by vehicle or you can choose to walk down. It is only two block from our Victoria B&B inn.The castle is situated at a walk able distance from downtown harbor.

Construction of the Castle
The mansion is built in four and half storey. There are 87 stairs to climb to reach the top flour of the castle. The craigdarroch castle comprises 39 lavishly furnished rooms. The interiors of all rooms of the castle are furnished according to existing customs in the 1890s and 1900s. There is a beautiful big garden in the castle premises. The Craigdarroch Castle and garden is spread over 20,000 square feet area. All efforts are made to maintain the originality of the monument. Artisans continue their restoration work on almost all days. This monument is a good example of ancient architecture. You can experience the richness and popularity of ancient life by visiting the Craigdarroch Castle.

How to visit the Craigdarroch Castle
If you choose to tour the Castle by reaching there in a vehicle, you have the parking facilities available within the castle premises or parking lots adjoining the castle premises.

The Castle Tour
Once you reach the castle, you have to pay the fee and enter the castle from old coach entrance. Remember to clean your foot wears before entering the castle. At the entrance, you are provided with a floor map of the castle. The leaflet provided to you also contains family history and certain instructions to enable you to proceed with your castle tour without hassle. The castle tour is self-guided hence you have the option to spend as much time you want at a particular place. The complete tour of the castle takes about an hour. You can visit various rooms, on four floors, after climbing 87 stairs. Once you finish with your room visits the next destination is tower of the castle. From the castle tower you can experience the panoramic view of Strait of Juan de Fuca, Olympic Mountains covered with snow and Victoria. Volunteers are available throughout the castle to provide you information. You can clarify your doubts and gain all information about history of Castle, maintenance and administration of the Castle from these volunteers.

General Information
As no provision of elevators or ramps was made when the mansion was constructed and as the administration is restoring and maintaining originality of the monument, Craigdarroch Castle is inaccessible with wheelchairs.

You will find a Museum Gift Shop within the Castle premises. You can find variety of treasures in this shop. You can purchase Castle memorabilia, Victorian replicas and articles made by local craftsmen in this shop. Though there is no coffee shop or restaurant you have the choice to select and purchase taste sweets and soft drinks.

Please follow these instructions
Craigdarrach Castle is a building of tourist attraction and is an ancient monument. There are number of passages and doors carved in the Castle building. It is our common responsibility to protect the historic treasure. Helps us in protecting this monument by doing following:

From victoria b&b-amethyst inn walk down to the castle from rockland avenue or fort street are 5 minutes ,if go by the rockland avenue also can pass the government house 36 acre beautiful garden. Want more information, just give our
Victoria bed & breakfast staff a call.