The Butchart Gardens in Vitoria B.C.

The Buchart Gardens

Location of Butchart Gardens Gardens are situated in Brentwood Bay on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. Butchart gardens are located in a small village Brentwood Bay on the Saanich Peninsula, Greater Victoria. The gardens have been named after its creator Jennie Butchart.

History of the Butchart Gardens Robert Pim Butchart was born in Ontario, Canada. He started manufacturing of Portland cement in the vicinity of Ontario. By the end of the 19th century, Robert established himself as a pioneer in the North American industry. Robert used to travel to many countries in search of limestone deposits that were required for his cement production unit. He first visited West Coast of Canada for the same purpose of searching limestone deposits.

Robert Butchart built a factory and house at Tod Inlet in 1904. The onset of Butchart gardens started the same year. Robert’s wife Jennie Butchart was nature lover and she started gardening in 1904 as any other housewife does to decorate her home. In 1916, Robert Butchart stopped cement production. However, manufacturing of flower pots and tiles continued in the plant. Manufacturing of flower pots and tiles was on in Robert’s plant till late 1950s.

As the production of cement was stopped, Jennie decided to refurbish the quarry, which was depleted of resources. Jennie acquired tons of soil from adjacent farmlands. This soil was carried from the farmland to abandoned quarry site using carts and horses. The soil acquired from farmland was spread over the empty quarry and different types of flower plants were planted on it. It was Jennie’s constant efforts that the quarry turned into a bloom. This garden on the abandoned quarry was named as Sunken Garden. The Butchart Gardens are the result of Jennie’s commitment and efforts towards horticultural development.

Robert Butchart has a hobby of collecting precious birds from worldwide locations. This hobby proved to be useful for him in figuring the birds in Butchart Gardens and added to the beauty of the gardens. To add to his wife’s pride, beautiful garden, Robert kept various birds in the different parts of the garden for example he kept peacocks on the front lawn, parrot in the house and ducks in the pond. Robert also built number of bird houses within the garden premises. Begonia Bower was used as site for training pigeons.

The Butchart garden was based on a design developed by a Japanese landscape designer and hence displays look of a Japanese Garden. The garden was originally developed in 1905. You can find some of the original plants still thriving in the garden. The garden has thriving such as variegated dogwoods, Tibetan poppies and Japanese maples.

To add to the beauty of the garden Butchers developed a Rose Garden in place of their kitchen garden and created an Italian Garden by 1929. This Italian Garden was developed on an old tennis court.

Butchart gardens are a family business and more than 50 gardeners are deployed for maintenance and re-plantation in the gardens. The garden staff ensures blooming throughout the period from March to October by planting about seven hundred varieties of plants.

The Butchart Gardens gained fame. The Butchart Gardens have gained international reputation for displaying flowering plants throughout the year. More than million people visit this garden annually. Lighting displays, various types of flowers, fountains and entertainment events are the main feature of Butchart gardens. Lighting displays and entertainment events are conducted only during summer and Christmas.

It would be a lifetime experience to walk in the blooming of gardens created by Mrs. Jennie Butchart – THE BUTCRART GARDENS.

The directions from our Victor to Butchart Gardens: The Butchart Gardens is located on Vancouver Island 21 Km north of Victoria. The Butchart Gardens address is 800 Benvenuto Avenue, Brentwood Bay. From our Victoria bed & breakfast there are two routes to access Butchart Gardens. Our Victoria Bed & Breakfast staff will can give you the directions.

Highway 17 route: From Amethyst Inn go south on Yate St then right turn to Highway 17 north, turn left to the Keating X Road to Benvenuto Av. This is a short cut to Butchart Garden. It takes about 35 minutes on the Highway 17. Map: Follow the Map go highway 17 from our Victoria B&B.

For a more romantic drive, try out the scenic route: Beach drive route: This route is a very important attraction on Vancouver Island. This breathtaking scenic route start west from St Charles Avenue, then go along the beach drive, pass Foul Bay, Oak Bay Golf Course, Upland, Mount Douglas Park, Loyal Oak Avenue, then short cut onto Highway 17. We strongly recommend our Victoria B&B guests to take this route to the Butchard Garden. It not only allows our Victoria B&B guest to appreciate some of Victoria's most beautiful and graceful houses but also to enjoy picturesque views of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains in Washington .

Follow St.charles –beach drive –Arbutus Avenue –Ferndale Avenue – Royal oak gazebo - Victoria bed and breakfasts Our affiliation site close to The Butchart Gardens

If you have any questions, just give us a call. Our Victoria Bed & Breakfast staff will be happy to give you assistance.