Art Gallery Of Great Victoria, B C, Canada

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria is a place of tourist attraction. You can see more than 14000 objects of Japanese collection in this gallery. There are number of articles of modern Canadian arts that include creations of renowned artist like Emily Carr. Display of traveling exhibits and other works on regular basis is another feature of the gallery. The art gallery is located at 1040 Moss Street in Rockland Mansion District.

The Art Gallery is considered as the biggest house of collection in British Columbia. Apart from this the gallery also has the reputation of second largest and most important home for Asian collection in Canada. The collection is a combination of creations of local Canadian artists, contemporary and traditional Asian artists and European artists.

Works of Emilly Carr, her writings and her life are on permanent display in the gallery. There is a Shinto Shine in the Japanese Garden of the Art Gallery. This is the only Shinto Shine outside Japan. Spencer Mansion of the gallery houses many decorative pieces and historical paintings. The Spencer Mansion itself is an excellent example of previous century architecture.

The 50 year long history of the Art Gallery is exhibited in the form of archive which will provide you detailed information about the administration of the gallery. The records are available in textual records, electronic records, photographs and prints and drawings.

Decorative arts like Pottery, Ceramics, furniture, costumes, furnishings, metalwork, glasswork, gold work, silverwork, textiles, doll house, musical instruments and many other Asian decorative arts are displayed in the gallery.

Art GalleryFine arts displayed in the gallery include Asian, American, Canadian, European and Australian culture art; Historical, contemporary and modern art. Paintings, photography, mixed media, prints, sculpture, multimedia, albums and sketchbooks form the part of fine arts concerning media. Some miscellaneous fine arts like religious arts, war arts and fold arts are also on display in the gallery.

Archaeological objects, time keeping devices, currency, ceremonial objects, household objects, manuscripts, accessories and costumes, furnishings and furniture, masks, games and toys, weapons, musical instruments and local history are part of human history concerned displayed in the gallery.

You have many services available for visiting art gallery. You can avail guide services (guided tours) available in many languages like French and English. Your children can enjoy the children’s activity services provided by the art gallery. Arty Gallery provides you free of cost services like parking, free checking and guided tours. Tactile tours are organized for visually impaired visitors.

You can visit the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria any time during the year. The gallery remains opened as per following timings:

Art Gallery of Graet Victoria is only two block away from our Victoria Bed & Breakfast inn. If you walk down the St. Charles Avenue, pass government house, close the mature rockland area, you will feel like go through the 100
years ago. Call today, Our Victoria B&B staff will help you planning your historical trip.

Entrance Fees:
Adults: $5
Students: $3
No fee is charged for children below 12 years