Victoria BC Whale Watching tours

Victoria, British Columbia is a paradise for whale watching tours and eco-tours tours. The Vancouver island whale watching tours are the best in the world. Before your come to Victoria British Columbia, you one of the questions you’re probably asking is what kind of whale watching experience am I are going to have?" Or “How many kind of whale am I going to encounter."? And perhaps what kind of tour am I going to choose"? Our Victoria B&B will give you all the tips. First, there are three species of Orcas, the killer whale, residents, transients, and off-shores. British Columbia is known for its resident whales which are more than 300 in number broken into two groups – the South team and North team. Going orcas watching from the Inner Harbour in downtown, you will see the South team. There are more than 100 whales in this pod which consists of the killer whale, Humpback whale, Gray whale, Fin whale, and Mink whale. Sometimes you might even come across Dolphins, sea lions and seals. Our Victoria B&B inn will supply you information about the seasons, rates and Victoria whale watching operators near our Bed and Breakfast.

Season: The best season for Victoria whale watching trip is between May to November which also known as the high season. Summer temperature is mild. The water is peaceful, and it is mostly sunny. Most people like to come out during this season for whale watching tours. However, you can still find great whale watching tours and eco-tours in the winter.

Rates: High season April 16 – October
Adult $99
Youth $69 (9-16)
Child $55 under 8

Low season November -April 15
Adult $79
Youth $59 under 16

Every shift is approximately 3 1/2 hours. You could take the tour on a Zodiacs or Enclosed cat. If you like to go for the scarab speed boat, it is probably $10 extra. Before making your decision, it is better that you check out Victoria whale watching cruises to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Zodiac: most operators are using the Zodiacs. Zodiacs are very fast with with two of 250 HP engines but very bumpy. Everyone will be equipped with a thermal survival suit which is given to you at the dock. Most youth like Zodiacs for the excitement.

Enclosed cat: It is much more heavy and a bigger boat. You can enjoy the scenery on top of the deck or inside the cabinet. It is slower than Zodiacs but much more stable, you don't need wear the heavy thermal suits in summer. Small life jackets are available on the boat.

Scarab: It is fastest boat, with a three 250 HP engine, less bumpy, and more luxurious. In addition, it can go a further distance to get to the whales. We recommend taking the scarab boats.

List of whale watching operators in Victoria: