Sault water Fishing in Greater Victoria

Not only do you get to experience the parliament buildings, double-decker buses, high tea at the Empress Hotel and great restaurants but coming to Victoria also means partaking in some of the Victoria best outdoor activities available on the globe! One of most relaxing activity Victoria is famous for is Victoria salt water fishing’TThe fair weather starts in March, but fishing sport is a sport that can be enjoyed all year around. Our Victoria bed & breakfast staffs will supply you with all the information you need to know about rates, daily temperatures, fishing seasons and fishing spots to ensure your fishing vacation .

Victoria fishing Seasons:

January to March, Winter Chinook about 10-20 pounds.
March to April is the prime time for big Pacific halibut up to 300 pounds.
May to August is the main season for Chinook up to 20 pound
August to December is the season for local salmon, sockeye, pink salmon, coho and chum.

Victoria fishing Charters rates:

Half day approx. $425 CAD; up to four people, good for salmon fishing, lingcod, red snapper or other rock fishes.
Whole day approx. $600 CAD; up to four people, good for salmon and big Pacific halibut.


Victoria has two main weather seasons. Rain season starts from mid November to end of February. Sunny season starts from March to mid November. During the summer period, land temperature is between 0-10 degree Celsius, and the sea water is fairly cold - around zero. Rain season temperatures on land are about 18-25 degree Celsius, but the sea water is still fairly cold, around 10 degrees Celsius. Keeping warm out at sea should be one of your top priorities, we strongly recommend wetsuits or waterproof jackets, gloves are necessary.

Victoria Fishing Spots:

Greater Victoria BC is located on the south tip of Vancouver Island. Harbours in north Sydney to west of Sooke are very good spots for fishing. There is halibut, salmon, red snapper, lingcod and every kind of rock fish. All destination are within 15-45 minutes drive from our bed and breakfast.

The Greater Victoria area fishing charters :

Vancouver island, BC, canada fishing charters :

Just give us a call, our Victoria B&B inn staff would happy to contact the good reputation Victoria fishing charters for you.