Vancouver Island Bear Watching Tours - Vancouver island guide

Bear Watching Vancouver IslandEnjoy the majesty of the coastal mountains as you explore the spectacular Knight Inlet to find Vancouver island grizzly bears in the spring. As the snows melt, both Vancouver island black and grizzly bears emerge from their hibernation dens on the mountain slopes.

Late May to mid June is the mating season with lots of interesting interaction. The big boars chase the not-too-interested females, displacing other bears along the Vancouver island rainforest. Certainly this is our favorite time of the Canada BC bear watching season.Two bears on Vancouver Island

Mid July is the season of cubs scrambling along behind their mom as they first explore their wilderness home. Mom is very protective of her cubs as she teaches them bear survival.

By mid August the salmon are running in the river mouth of the Vancouver island pacific rim parks. The bears are chasing the fish around in the low tide pools .... Lots of fun.

We continue our boat viewing in the fall until about Sept 20th. Often bears are eating salmon carcasses and rice root in the estuary at low tide. Then we drift up the river into the West Coast Vancouver island rainforest as the tide rises, listening for a bear in the bush to crunch into a salmon head. Vancouver island Bald eagles are everywhere. A true Vancouver island getawy experience!

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