History of Victoria's Historic B&B Amethyst Inn

Portrait of Sarah Crease and David Higgins, VictoriaA few blocks east of Pentrelew Place, a short street marks the southern aspect of land that once belonged to another creative individual. Sarah Crease and David Higgins traced Victoria's early days from different angles. She sketched her surroundings; he painted pictures with words.

David Williams Higgins was the son of a Manchester man who had immigrated to Nova Scotia in 1814. Higgins was born there in 1834. Two years later his parents moved to Brooklyn, New Jersey, where he received his education and apprenticed as a printer. In 1852 the sixteen-year old Higgins went to California. He became editor and part owner of the Morning Call newspaper in 1856, selling his interest in 1858 when he got gold fever and headed north for British Columbia.

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